To Cover Your Hives with Insulation or Not?

There are many myths, opinions and recommendations around whether to insulate or not.

The beekeeper's challenge is how to balance the need for maintaining hive temperature when temperatures fall below 7C (45F) without creating an environment that is prone to high levels of moisture due to poor ventilation.

High levels of moisture creates the risk that cold water droplets fall on the bees, the colony has to work harder in damp conditions and that disease is more likely.

What best describes your views on insulation? Please click on one of the choices below:-

  • I'd like to learn more about the wintering of bees
  • I am worried about the impact covering the hive might have.
  • Over winter I use insulation under the hive roof or cover my hives with insulation.
  • I'm a strong advocate of making sure the colony has plenty of stores.
  • I know that Brother Adam and R.O.B. Manley were not in favour.
  • I follow the saying that "it's not the cold that kills bees but the damp" so I don't use insulation.