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Designed for National, Commercial or Rose hives with a flat roof.

Our prices includes postage and packing for UK deliveries.

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Single Blue.jpg

Single Brood

Blue £64.95 - SOLD OUT

Single Brood

Green £64.95 - LAST ONE

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Brood Half Green.jpg

Brood and a Half

Blue £79.95 - SOLD OUT

Brood and a Half

Green £79.95 -SOLD OUT

The Bee Cosy is designed to fit National, Commercial and Rose hives with a flat roof that is 50cms (20 inches) square. In a normal single brood arrangement your hive entrance will be at least 28 cms (11 inches) beneath the normal roof level and at least 43cms (17 inches) beneath if you are on a brood and a half.

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Delivery Outside the UK

Please send us an email using our Contact page for post and packing charges and payment instructions including your delivery address and the size, colour and number of Bee Cosies you wish to order.

What if I have a Deep or Double Brood System?

If you have a single deep brood box then the brood and a half Bee Cosy will fit if you place a 5cm thick piece of insulation foam above your roof. We are currently making a commercial brood and a half Bee Cosy for a commercial beekeeper and are exploring if there is a need for a double brood version so please let us know what you need by using our Contact page.

What if the Bee Cosy doesn't fit my type of hive?

Please use our Contact page to provide details of the type of hive you have together with the dimensions of the hive roof and the distance from the roof line to above your hive entrance. We can advise if a standard Bee Cosy will fit or provide a quote for a custom made Bee Cosy.