A Brood and a Half Size

A Brood and a Half Size

  • Sized for a standard National, Commercial or Rose Hive - 50cms (20 inches) square flat roof
  • Choice of blue or green - colours which bees find easy to recognise
  • The outer layer is a mid-range colour to absorb winter sun but not too much!
  • 3 high performance layers provide insulation, breathability and water tightness.
  • Strong durable construction with waterproof seams
  • Elastic draw pull on two sides for snug fitting
  • Easy to put on and off and store when not in use
  • Made in England
  • Performance

    The Bee Cosy protects the hive from cold, wind and rain and draws away the moisture that is generated by a colony as it consumes it's winter stores. The Bee Cosy is the first wintering solution to achieve this.

    After a year of testing a whole range of material combinations, we have created a combination of 3 breathable layers each with their own properties:-

    1. An outer waterproof layer
    2. A middle layer of optimum insulation
    3. An inner layer for that lets moisture pass through and is tear resistant as the Cosy is pulled on and off

    Together these layers provide an effective way to:-

    • Eliminate unnecessary heat loss from excessive air currents in and around the hive roof i.e. save winter stores
    • Provide the same level of insulation as an old oak tree i.e. mimic nature
    • Keep the hive protected from wind and rain i.e. happy dry bees
    • Encourage moisture to leave the hive resulting in normal levels of humidity i.e. promoting a healthy colony

    Click here to see a set of instructions for using a Bee Cosy