Raise the internal temperature of your hives

  • For millions of years, bees have lived in protective natural hives like old oak trees
  • Our modern hives provide only about 1/3rd of the insulation of equivalent oak trees
  • The Bee Cosy reduces heat loss by providing a waterproof breathable layer of insulation
  • This lets your colonies raise internal hive temperatures with much less energy
  • Tests show that the Bee Cosy raises internal hive temperature by 2 to 4 degrees C (4 to 8F)

Reduce the amount of stores your colonies need over winter

  • Raising hive temperature is important
  • Bees consume increasingly more stores as temperatures go below 10C (50F)
  • The Bee Cosy provides more stable hive temperatures and relative humidity levels
  • Less work is therefore required by the bees to adjust to daily fluctuations

Help your bees get to their winter stores

  • Bees are often found to have starved by not being able to get to the stores they have.
  • A bee colony's ability to move across frames is affected by internal hive temperatures
  • Raising the internal temperature increases the likelihood that stores can be accessed
  • Higher hive temperatures reduce the number of days that your colonies need to be tightly clustered

Avoid moisture and condensation in the hive

  • High humidity levels in the hive are caused by humid conditions and the water generated as bees consume their stores
  • Capped honey contains about 20% water
  • So to consume 10 Kgs of winter stores, the hive needs to expel 2 Kgs or 2 Litres of water
  • The Bee Cosy reduces the risk of excessive levels of moisture by being breathable
  • By raising internal hive temperatures, warmer air can also hold more water droplets

Provide a healthier environment for your bees

  • Reduce the amount of sugar syrup feeding needed in late autumn
  • Bees can rely more on natural honey for winter feeding
  • Reduce moisture levels and the risk of condensation
  • Reduce defecation levels
  • Extend the period when temperatures in the hive are warm enough to give effective varroa treatment
  • Reduce the activity levels needed by your winter bees and let them live longer

Overall Colony Benefits

The benefits above result in improved winter survival rates for colonies, less feeding of sugar syrup and a healthier environment for your bees. Your hive is also protected from the extremes of winter and so will last longer!