The Bee Cosy protects bee colonies from cold, wet and windy winter weather.

  • Raise the internal temperature of your hives
  • Reduce the amount of stores your colonies need
  • Help your bees get to their winter stores
  • Avoid moisture and condensation in the hive
  • Provide a healthier environment for your bees

The Bee Cosy has been developed to help with the wintering of honeybees when temperatures fall below 7C (45F).

Three layers have been combined to make a waterproof layer of thermal insulation that provides an insulated and breathable environment to raise hive temperatures without the build up of excess moisture.

It is has been proven to raise ambient hive temperature by 2C to 4C (4F to 8F) depending on weather conditions. In winter, colonies consume less stores at higher temperatures.

The Bee Cosy is designed to be used on National, Commercial and Rose hives with a flat roof. It is easy to fit and remove, lightweight and easy to store.

Take a look at Buzz - the blog

Take a look at Buzz - the blog